Eheads concert

This post is past due!! Way past due! DH and I went to the North American reunion tour of the beloved group Eraserheads here in LA. DH is a HUGE fan so this was a must-see. I am not as big a fan but I was familiar with the group and their songs.

It was a FUN concert. It was the first time in the longest time that DH and I had that kind of fun together. We were at the very front so we had the best view! DH was singing and jumping the whole concert, I think.

At the end of the concert, as each of the band members were saying goodbye to the crowd, they were throwing some memorabilia to the crowd. Raymund threw his new drumsticks. Marcus and Buddy threw some guitar picks. The crowd was going wild. (Well, it was wild enough already to tell you the truth.) Raymund threw into the crowd the set list too and guess who caught it?! Yep, the hubby did! And it is now a prized possession. He made a playlist on his iPhone of the songs on the set list and it was on repeat for at least a month I think. LOL! The kids are now well-versed in Eheads music.