Old House

"We've got an old house, Mommy!" remarked DD2. "First, our dishwasher is getting broken. Next we needed to replace the toaster. Now, the handle of the microwave is broken too!"

Sigh. Yes, our house is showing signs of aging. We've lived her since 2002. We only had DS then. I was not even pregnant with DD1 when we bought the house. It was pristine when we bought it even if we were second owners. The first owner was a divorced woman with grown-up children. You can imagine how clean and well-kept the house had been.

Fast forward to the present...let me just say that the house is well-lived in. The floors are scratched up. The walls are decorated with scribblings. The white cabinets are now off-white. This house is filled with evidence of life being lived.

We've made some changes to the house over the years. The sliding door to the back patio was added. A covered patio was added to the backyard. The fence has been replaced. I'm thankful that we've not had any problems with any of the contractors we've hired to work on various projects here. While we could have saved a great deal if we just hired day laborers to do the job, I'm not sure if they would have done a very good quality job. Hiring licensed professionals like the houston fence company has given us the peace of mind that their workmanship is up to industry standards. The last thing you'd want to find out after spending money on home improvements is that it is substandard or worse, unsafe.

Well, this might be an old house but it is our home. It may not be a very attractive-looking home but the life we've built here is beautiful.