My brother is getting married in July. That is the reason our family is flying home. It has also become a motivator for me to get back in shape. Am I not forever struggling with my weight? There is just too much good food to eat out there! LOL! I like to eat. I've never been one to successfully stick to a diet. I think that even if you offer me all natural diet pills so that I won't have the appetite to eat, I'd still eat. I've been more successful with losing weight through exercising and that is what I am doing right now.

I was able to borrow a copy of the Insanity workout videos from a friend of ours. OMG! Insanity is the perfect word to describe this workout series. Is it totally embarrassing to admit that I am already huffing and puffing not even halfway through the warm-up? Seriously! I am so out of shape that I cannot even finish the warm up decently.

I am on my third day. I'd like to think that I am getting stronger. Well, I hope I am! I have not been able to complete all the exercises but at least I'm sticking through the warm-ups! Haha.

This is a 60-day program so I have enough time to get through it. Hopefully, I stick to it long enough to really see the results. I'm actually excited to see if this will work for me. I'm tired of being overweight. I'd like to be fit. I'd like to feel better about myself. I'd like to have more energy. Shedding all these extra pounds will definitely be a good thing for me.