Enjoying my iPad!

I really do! It's almost the first thing I reach for each morning. I say "almost" because I've disciplined myself to reach for my prayer bag first and spend time in prayer as soon as I get up. If I even touch and turn on the iPad before prayers, I am bound to lose time for daily prayers.

It is also the last thing I turn off at the end of the day.

I love the apps! Late last year, a friend commented on a post I made about getting the iPad. She mentioned the appshopper that lists apps that have gone down in price. Oh my! I love it! I like getting free stuff or stuff that are seriously marked down so this was perfect.

My photography apps by far outnumber any of the other categories of apps I have. I also enjoy the convenience of reading all my mail in one place. Facebook is up there too as one of my most frequently used apps. My next fave would be the Overdrive app that allows me to borrow books from the library. I've read more books now that I have ever had the last 5 years or so. Seriously! And this is from one who used to shut herself in her room and read and read and read! Another frequently used app is Flipboard. I enjoy its ease of use. It's really how I get caught up in the latest news around the world and around my social circles. It's just plain convenient. The games I've downloaded were mostly for the kids. They do enjoy playing them. They can only play them on the weekends though. House rule: No TV or playing on the Wii/Xbox/computer on school nights. And that includes the iPad of course!

I've also downloaded the calorie counter hoping to aid me in my weight loss. Alas, it has only been opened thrice at most. I've realized that downloading the app does you no good unless you use it. It's pretty much like how weight loss pills or exercise videos don't work unless you actually use them. LOL! Oh well...it's gonna get used soon...I hope!

Having the iPad is not really a necessity for me. My life will still go on should I lose it or something. But it has made living my life more convenient. And I am all for making life easier any way possible.