World of Color

We found ourselves at the Disneyland parks once again. DH was off for a whole week and was itching to take the kids there.

After their religion class on Wednesday morning, we took a field trip to Disney's California Adventure. The park closes at 8pm but we stayed for the 8:15 show of World of Color. We learned from our last experience not to watch it right by the water front. They said we would get a misting. Nooo...we were drenched! Drenched and cold on a chilly night - not a good combination! We were at such a prime spot that I did not want to leave it to go to the bathroom. Haha. I wish I had adult diaper on but I was able to hold it, thsnk you very much!

After the show, as we made our way out of the park, I was thankful that it was not as crowded as before. The last tine we saw the show last spring, the crowds were huge. DD2 tripped and bloodied her nose. Poor thing. There was just so many people.

I'm glad this was a more pleasant experience all around.


Donna | Tuesday, December 27, 2011 3:58:00 PM

i know what you mean, we go to disneyland mostly on weekdays because it's crazy here in japan. but crowded or not, it's always still fun and magical =).