Squeak! Went the Car

On our way to church one early morning, we noticed a weird creaking sound coming from our vehicle. It sounded each time we made a turn or moved the steering wheel. It was definitely not the tires or the auto rims. A little later on, DH noticed that the steering wheel was becoming harder to move. He checked the steering wheel fluid reservoir and it was near empty. He refilled it and off we went.

Later that week, it started creaking again. We were on our way to the all saints celebration of the kids. They were all dressed up and loaded in the car when I heard it as we pulled out of the driveway. I knew it was not a good sign. I knew that I could not drive it in that condition. We were going to get into the freeway. Goodness knows how fast cars get in the freeway. What would happen if I am unable to to move the steering wheel?! However, I did not have the heart to tell the kids that we could not go. They were looking forward to this all week long!

So, I became an instant mechanic! LOL! I opened the hood and poked around. I found the near empty reservoir and refilled it with the fluid. I took the bottle of fluid with us just in case I would need to refill once more. Well, we got home safely.

DH was upset with me though. It was dangerous, what I did. I knew that.

DH brought the vehicle to the shop because something was obviously leaking. It was replaced and cost us about $400! Ugh! It's steep but I guess it isn't so bad as it is the first major repair that we've had to make since getting this vehicle close to 7 years ago! Not bad right?

I'm crossing my fingers that we won't have any more major repairs needed for any of our vehicles soon.