Dog Allergy?

The kids and I were at SIL's last Saturday. We were visiting as she had just given birth to her first born. Three of the kids were nursing a little cold so I asked them not to go up to the room. I did not want to expose SIL nor my baby nephew to any virus. The kids stayed at the family room and watched TV with the family's 2 dogs as I happily chatted with SIL and lovingly cuddled my nephew.

Around noon, MIL asked why DS' left eye was swollen. I was surprised to hear this because it was definitely not swollen when we left the house earlier in the morning. When I saw DS, his left eye was almost swollen shut! It scared me a bit. I bought antihistamine from the drugstore and gave him a teaspoonful.

Soon after, a friend of ours who happens to be a PA arrived to visit SIL and the baby. I hijacked her and asked her to check on DS. She determined that it was definitely an allergic reaction that was aggravated when DS rubbed his eye. The boys' beds were turned to exam tables as she laid DS and flushed his eye with saline solution. The swelling subsided a bit.

I do not know for sure what triggered the allergic reaction. The only thing I can point to are the dogs. For now I am claiming that he's allergic to dogs. It's the reason I can give to the kids when they badger me, asking for a puppy.

Sorry kids, we can't have a dog. Kuya is allergic. :)