Eyeing the Navy

For the longest time, when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Kuya always answered with a career that involved cars. This was not surprising because he has always and continues to be fascinated by cars. He enjoys looking at cars. He knows the different features. I would not know the difference between a Honda and an Acura aside from their logos. He does. He knows wheels and mags. I've thought of incorporating some car mechanic studies for him into our home school program. I think that he will really jump into that head-on. That can be a part of his physics studies too. He imagine that will learn about machines, fulcrum, differences in rotation of off road wheels from smaller driving wheels, etc. The past week, there has been a slight shift in his interests. He is now eyeing the Navy! I don't exactly know what prompted the shift. One day, he just came to me and said that he's looking into the navy. He even asked to research about the navy on the internet. He has talked to his dad about it. Of course, Dad was very encouraging! The girls are worried though that he might die in the service. :( As for me, I am here to support my son with whatever career path he may choose, as long as it is honorable. My prayer is that he follows God's will for his life.