Christmas Design

Only one more day before the -ber months arrive. And you know what that signals? My most favorite time of the year of course - Christmas!!!
And with the coming of the -ber months, it's also time to start thinking about Christmas photo cards. For the past several years, I've created our own cards to send out. Here's what we've sent out since 2005.

For some reason, I can't find our 2006 Christmas card. It's been so much fun to look through them and see how our family has grown. This year, we have another addition. Yay! I still have to figure out what design to go with this year. One idea is to use our monthly family pictures for a collage to show what our family has been up to from the start of the year. The only hitch there is that I need to have these cards made by November so that we can mail them out by Thanksgiving week. We send out cards overseas and if I don't mail it by the last week of November, the chances of the cards arriving at their foreign destinations before Christmas are very slim. There was one time when it was Valentine's Day by the time my friend received our card. Crazy, right?

How about you? Have you got Christmas on your mind?