twelve months = twelve pictures

I was inspired by Tara Whitney's six people twelve times project last year. I wanted to do something similar for my family.

My goal is simple: have a family photo every month for 2011. I'm almost always behind the camera, snapping away shots of our lives so I am hardly in any of the hundreds of pictures we have. I was browsing through our Project Life album for 2010 and there was hardly any picture of me there. It was almost like I wasn't part of the family's life, except that I was there of course. I was the hand taking all the photos.
Remembering to take at least a family photo a month will help me be part of the pictures. So that's my goal. And so far, so good.

Here we are in January... DD3's 4th birthday. It's funny to me to see that many of our family pictures are taken at this exact spot - dining table with the kitchen in the background. I'll have to be more creative than that!

February. I'm kicking myself for not having our family picture taken during my baby shower. I guess the contractions were distracting me. But I suppose this pic tells a more accurate story of how our life was in February. I was confined to bed rest after having preterm labor at the end of January. This bed was where I was spending most of my time. And our room became hub central of the family. In this picture, we were watching the NBA All-Star game. Yes, I interrupted DH's watching of the game to take a pic. He wasn't too  happy, was he? LOL!

March came and so did our baby! Welcome to the family Baby Girl. She was 2 days old in this picture, the day we got home from the hospital. Oh how the older kids were excited to see her. They even made up a song especially for her. It's heartwarming to see how much love there is for this little one.

April was Easter month. Here we are all dressed up in our Easter outfits. The older girls wore the gowns they wore for SIL's wedding. I bought Baby a similar pink dress but you cannot really see it here. DH lamented that we have an ugly background. That fence needs to be refinished or replaced completely. I told him that it's the best we could do. I was not going to take another pic in our "favorite" spot - the dining table with the kitchen as a background. Sound familiar?

So that was our family for the first trimester of 2011.


Aggie | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 3:06:00 AM

Love this Joy!
have yet to get a picture for April but I am on it, hehehe.

Mia Castrillo | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 5:29:00 AM

i like this idea, Joy! I'll try to do it too kahit late na. :-)