Easter Egg Hunt

One twist to the normal Easter Egg Hunt that I like to do at home is the Easter Egg Treasure hunt.

Instead of randomly hiding eggs and have the kids look for them, I make it into a treasure hunt. It requires more work on my part but I think it's more fun for the kids. Instead of hiding dozens of eggs (which just adds to our already clutter-filled house), I only need to hide several that hold the clues. These eggs do not hold any treats. Their treats are stuffed all together in a basket which is their treasure which they find at the end of the hunt.

I found some short rhymes off the internet or make up my own to use as clues.
For example:
It rhymes with coaster
It makes breakfast food
Find your next clue behind the ____________.

Last year, I mostly hid the eggs inside the house. This year, I think I will hide some eggs in the outside the house too. I plan on doing the hiding tonight when the kids are all in bed so that even when led outdoor lighting are turned on, they will have no clue what I'm doing late outside. LOL!

I still have to make up the clues. I'll try to post them here and post pictures too when I have time.