Spring Break

We had our spring break last week and guess where we spent it?

At Disneyland!!

I honestly was not looking forward to the trip.

DH had already planned to go the last week of March, after his graduation from the fellowship program. It was a trip for the kids. During the 13 months that DH was in fellowship, we had not taken the kids anywhere. This trip to Disneyland was DH's treat for his kids. We were going to stay for 3 days and booked at a nearby hotel. Staying at a hotel was part of the fun.

Unfortunately, DH had to fly to Manila for the funeral of his uncle. He promised the kids that we would go when he arrived. And that was exactly what happened. We went the day after he flew in from the Philippines.

I was hesitant to even push through. I knew DH was tired and probably recovering from jet lag. I knew I was tired with a newborn. But to Disneyland we went.

We stayed at the Tropicana Inn which was right across Disneyland. We just walked and crossed the street and we were there! That was cool. What a troop we were. A family of 7 does not travel lightly. We had our double stroller with baby's car seat because she's still too small for just the stroller. In the bottom basket of the stroller were all our jackets, a mat, the Ergo baby carrier and bottles of water. I had the diaper bag and the camera bag. DH had a laptop backpack that held all our snacks and food. There was no way frugal me would spend for all our meals at Disneyland!

I'd love to share photos but I'm really just too lazy to edit and post right now. Maybe some other time. Hopefully.

I won't lie and say that I had the best time. At the end of the 3 days, I was just ready to go home. But it was nice to see the kids enjoy. It was nice to get away from the house. It was nice to be spending time as a family again. It felt good to be all together, enjoying one another's company.