At the Dental Office

DH took the kids for their dental check-ups recently. I'm embarrassed to say that we don't get an A+ for the kids' dental hygiene. Only DD1 was cleared of any further dental work. The 3 other kids needed some sort of filling. Sigh...

While waiting for her turn, DD3 blurts out of the blue,
"You know, we have a small house!"
To which the dental assistant simply smiled and replied, "I'm sure it's just the right size for you."

Many times, I wonder where DD3 gets her ideas from. She absolutely has no filter yet and simply says what's on her mind. She is very spontaneous and chatty. She would talk to anyone and everyone who would care to listen.

**For the record, I don't think we have a small house. It might feel small because there is a LOT of us living here. And we do wish for a bigger house - with more rooms and a bigger backyard. We are praying for that. While a bigger house would give us more space, it will also give me more surfaces to clean! LOL! So I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Haha. Right now, I dream of a house with a little bit more modern furniture, that has a clean uncluttered interior but still feels warm and cozy. While I wait for that dream home, I might as well start on making this home clean and uncluttered. Good luck to me. I think I have spring cleaning in mind and I'm itching to just go through stuff and throw/give away stuff that are just adding clutter to our already full house.