Deaths in the Family

We had 2 deaths in the family 2 weeks ago.
First, my dad's younger brother died. We received news of his death on a Monday. My dad decided to fly to the Philippines and arrived there in time for the prayer services. Since there really is no hurry to come back here, he will be staying in the Philippines until the end of April.

On Friday of the same week, DH's uncle died. This came as a complete shock. We had just come from DH's graduation when we received a text message re: the death. It seemed so unbelievable that we had to verify the news. Sadly, it was true. DH and his siblings decided to fly to the Philippines to pay their last respects to their dearest tito and attend the funeral. They left on Sunday night and returned the following Sunday evening. Yes, it was a very short trip. Much as I'm sure they wanted to lengthen their stay there, they has little choice as they had jobs they needed to come back to.

Life is indeed too short. We must seize every opportunity and thank God for each new day.