Veteran Parents

While DH was wheeling me into labor and delivery, I saw a set of parents with their newborn baby being wheeled out of labor and delivery. The mom was on the wheelchair carrying the baby of course. The nurse was pushing the wheelchair. The dad was carrying among other things a pillow, an overnight bag and a purse. He looked like he did not have enough arms to carry all the stuff they had.

Compare that to me and DH. We only had the laptop bag which housed the laptop and the small point and shoot camera. I only had my wristlet purse with me. I did not even have my change of clothes or toiletries with me. They were still in the car.

I found it kinda comical to see the difference. They were probably first-time parents or she was a lady that had long labors and needed a lot of things to make labor more comfortable. On the other hand, we were veteran parents who knew that we would not need anything else except my ID, my medical card and a small camera. The laptop really wasn't necessary yet at that point but DH did not want to leave it in the car and that is why he took it with him.

The laptop was more for our after-delivery entertainment. The hospital only has basic local channels so not a lot of entertainment available, especially during the late nights. And this was the reason DH brought the laptop with him. LOL! If he were a gamer, I would easily bet that he would bring his PS3 with ps3 hdmi cables and set them up there in our room. He was actually tinkering and poking at the TV set, trying to see if he would be able to connect the laptop to the TV so we could watch stuff. LOL! That's my handy DH for ya! Always ready. :)