Growing Family

I love looking at this set of family pictures - our first family picture after each baby is born. If you notice, the first 4 pictures were all taken at the hospital when the kids came to visit and meet their newest sibling. With this baby, however, no visitors under 18 yrs old was allowed. The hospital was being very cautious due to the flu season and the rising case of whooping cough in the state. I was so disappointed that our little family tradition was broken.

The kids did not get to visit me during the 2 days I was in the hospital. But thanks to technology, web conferencing to be exact, we were able to video conference and that's where they first caught a glimpse of their baby sister.


Kaje | Tuesday, March 29, 2011 3:21:00 AM

When I saw the photos in Flickr, I had that question in mind, why the last family picture was not taken at the hospital. Alam ko nga kasi tradition niyo yun eh. Ayun naman pala, bawal na ang kids magvisit. Sayang nga :( pero okay na rin yun cautious for the kids naman :) Sana pala you took a shot while you were teleconferencing hehehe

Joy | Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:37:00 AM

Oo nga, we should've taken a pic while we were video conferencing! Oh well...
Actually, the nurse was willing to look the other way if he was to take the kids to see me. Pero short lang daw kasi baka mahuli sya ng supervisor nya. I don't think she knew how hard it will be to smuggle in 4 kids, including a spunky and loud 4-yr old. It was just not gonna happen!