Shopping is Done!

It's only a few days left before Christmas and I can safely say that all my holiday shopping is done! Most of the presents were bought during the Black Friday sale or online. The only ones that needed to be bought were for DH and DS. And as of the weekend, everything is with me. They just need to be wrapped. I am glad that they are done because it's been raining the whole weekend. Forecast says it will rain until Wednesday! I would not want to go out and drive and shop with this non-stop rain.

Surprisingly, I did not have to spend that much this Christmas season. I stayed pretty much within our budget. Pat on the back for me. We don't have to cash in that gold bullion we've been hiding. LOL! I wish we had at least one! LOL!

I just need to hit the grocery store for eggs, bread, cream and green beans to cook for our Noche Buena feast on the 24th. DH's family will be over,as usual. There will be more of us this time because SIL got married so she will have her husband and step sons in tow.

Although the shopping is all done, the cleaning of the house isn't which is kinda freaking me out! Ugh! Hate doing it but it must be done since we will be having guests! Wish me luck!