Recognizing God's Hand in My Condition

I've commented that God must have a sense of humor and He must've had such a laugh as He watched us donate our baby stuff over the spring.

Our youth ministry had a spring yard sale and asked for donations. DH and I figured that it was time to donate our baby paraphernalia. We had not used them in 4 years and they were just taking up space in our garage and storage areas and were collecting dust! We thought it would be best to donate them to raise funds for our community's youth ministry.

Well, just a couple of months after we had rid ourselves of these things, in July, we found out I was pregnant! I had to laugh! God must've been laughing too! Who were we to think that God was done with our family?!

Anyway, God has also used this time to just show his divine providence for our family. He has used this time to allow us to experience His love for us through the people that surround us. We have not bought anything yet for this baby and yet we already have a swing and a baby bouncer in our storage room. A friend has also set aside a stroller and car seat combo for us. This is a huge thing because strollers cost a lot these days. Even simple car seat/stroller sets fetch quite a price. Moreso if you look at the more premium strollers like the bob revolution.

Truly, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity and love of people around me. The best thing is that these people are not even close friends who I would normally expect to shower me with love. So, I know that this must be God's hand at work! He is blessing me through these people. He is assuring me that this baby is truly a part of his plan for our family.

With great humility in my heart, I thank God and praise Him for His love for me.