Prayers for my Cousin-in-Law

She's expecting her first baby. As of this moment, she is being induced! The induction is underway and they're waiting for it to kick in.
She was due a week ago. I'm not really sure why she is being induced already. Perhaps the baby is getting too big? I dunno! I'm a big believer in letting things occur in their normal time. There must be some compelling reason why they've chosen to induce already.
I've been checking on Facebook frequently to see any updates from her sisters. Great big thumbs up for technology that we can be kept updated so quickly! They're expecting a baby boy so I can just imagine the daddy hanging on to his big box of Cohiba and getting to ready to pass them out once the baby is out! LOL! Yes, I think he's the type to actually pass those out to his homies. :) This will be particularly sweet for my husband's uncle because this will be his first grandson. He has 4 daughters and 4 granddaughters now. Can you imagine how excited that family is for this baby boy to come already? Bet you he'll be uber spoiled! :)

As for me, I am almost to my 30th week. 10 or less more weeks and we've got a new baby! I can hardly believe it. I was up last night thinking how crazy I am to be going through the whole labor and delivery process for the 5th time! Geesh! I cannot imagine going through it again. I cannot imagine how I did it the last 4 times. I cannot imagine it but I know that God will lead me through it again.