Pregnancy Update

I'm 23 weeks now. One more week and I am officially on my third trimester. No wonder I feel like a huge whale now! I have not had a full night's sleep for a while simply because there is not a sleeping position that feels comfortable. Add the countless trips to the toilet. Do you suppose this is nature's way of acclimating the pregnant mom to the sleepless nights that are to come once the baby arrives?

Not everything is bad news. There was a bright sparked that has lit my last 2 weeks. I was given a reprieve from my daily glucose testing! Yahoo! My fingers thank you, my medical practitioners. I still need to test my blood sugar four times a day. Instead of doing this daily, I just do it 3x a week.

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. I've actually been coming to see him every 2 weeks because they want to closely monitor gestational diabetes patients. It's become such routine that it's almost a hi-bye thing. I get checked in by the nurse. She takes my vitals. I go into the room. He comes in and checks my chart, asks if I have any concerns or problems, measures my belly, listens to the heartbeat and declares that everything looks good. Good thing that he is such a good doctor that I really do not feel rushed at all. It's just that there really aren't too many changes that happen in 2 weeks. I guess having nothing to discuss is better than having to discuss complications.

Anyway, one thing I noticed today was the footwear of the nurses. It seemed like they were all wearing mbt shoes. I first saw these as Reebok shapeups (?). They're supposed to be help you with your posture and helps tone your muscles because they're not flat like regular shoes. You kinda have to keep your balance. A few years back, many of the nurses I came in contact with were wearing crocs because they were just the most comfortable things ever when you're on your feet a lot. Accdg. to the nurse I spoke with, wearing the shapeups has gotten rid of her back pain because she has better posture now. Interesting, right?

I wonder if that will help me get back in shape after I give birth.