Gratitude Poster

I got this idea from Becky Higgins. I thought that it was an awesome idea to do with the family.
I did a mini thanksgiving album last year. It was easy to do once it was assembled but there was some work on my part in putting it together. I was not really keen on doing it again this year. Thankfully, this idea from Becky Higgins came just in time. I actually like this idea better because it is a poster that I will be hanging on our wall instead of an album that will sit on a corner. Don't get me wrong, our scrapbook albums get a lot of loving from the kids. They enjoy looking through them. However, having this gratitude poster up on a wall where we can see it everyday will make us even more aware of the blessings we have received.
I'm keeping the poster "open" for more blessings until the end of the year. At the start of the new year, I will put the glass on top then hang it on the wall by the stairs. This way, we will be reminded every day of the goodness of God. Next year, at about the same time, we will start on a new poster for 2011. When it's time to put down the previous year's poster, I'm planning to laminate it so that it will keep better.
Hopefully, this will be a holiday tradition for our family. Can you imagine how precious it will be to look back 10 years from now and read what the little ones were thankful for? We'll also have a record of their handwriting and the little ones' kiddie drawings.