Too Much, Too Soon?

Dh and I married fairly young. Well, at least younger than most of our contemporaries. We had a child soon after. This presented some challenges when relating with some friends. While they could still have late-night parties, I would have late-night feeding extravaganzas. Our family grew steadily and soon saw our own friends get married and have children of their own. Whereas they stopped at one or two, we continued to grow. LOL!

We update each other with pictures. We see how all our kids are growing. One thing that has struck me though is that they travel a lot! And I am envious, in a way. They usually have one or two children at most and travel costs are more manageable. With 4 children (well, almost 5), travel expenses are way beyond our reach at this point. I'd like to be able to travel to Europe and see the gothic, metal buildings/architecture. Heck, I'd love to be able to travel outside the state and see the beauty of the United States. Finances constrain us and I have to content myself with seeing all these places vicariously through the travels of our friends.

Did we start our family too soon? Did we grow our family too soon? Maybe we should've grabbed the chance to travel when we only had 1 or 2 kids. We deferred travel plans to when the kids are older so that they could enjoy the vacation with us. But with kids growing older came more kids too. LOL! Did we miss our chance to travel? Will we have to wait until DH is retired to be able to travel?

Honestly, I know the answer. We are much more blessed than we can ever imagine. We have a home to call our own. We're even trying to save up for a bigger house. Yes, we haven't travelled lately but we're reaching a lot of places through our home studies. Yet, the longing in my heart is still there. A longing that I know can only be fulfilled by being content in the Lord. Maybe He will grant this desire. Maybe He has other plans for me. In the meantime, I better stop looking at Facebook photos and look more closely at my family's faces because that is where the real blessings lie.


Kaje | Saturday, October 23, 2010 12:40:00 PM

very nice insight Joy :) thanks for sharing!