Gift-giving Season Ahead

Yup, the season of giving is up ahead. I know it's only October but for a busy mom like me, it's time to start up that list of gifts so I can be on the lookout for bargains. Plus, there are some Christmas presents that I will be making so I need to get a move on those. I've also started to work on our Christmas cards this year. I'm just waiting to show DH and see if he likes it.

I kinda have some ideas on our Christmas presents. As usual, the hardest to shop for is DH. He's hinted that he wants to buy an ipad or a macbook. Uhmmm... beyond my personal budget... He currently has an iPhone 3G already and is waiting for the spring when he is eligible for a free upgrade to the iPhone 4G. He wanted to get me an iTouch too but I told him that I can just wait for his old iPhone when he upgrades. Is he turning into an apple convert?

Have you started your Christmas shopping list yet?