Fender Bender

I was contentedly sitting in our parked SUV. There was a light drizzle and I was enjoying the book I was reading. I took my Dad to his doctor's appointment but decided to simply wait for him in our vehicle.

All of a sudden, a jolt! Crash! I heard shattered glass and some scraping metal. Someone hit me from behind! I'm sure my guardian angel protected me because I did not hit the steering wheel even though I was not wearing my seat belt.

I got out of my car and an older gentleman had driven his Lincoln sedan into the rear side of our vehicle as he tried to park into the spot to my left. The damage to our vehicle was not substantial. He had taken a bigger hit. He shattered his front lights.
I got his insurance info, etc and soon we were both on our way.

I reported the accident to my insurance company and they were very gracious and helpful. We brought our vehicle to the shop and rented a vehicle. There was a discrepancy between our policy's daily rental rate and the rental rate of the vehicle we wanted to get. We explained to our insurance provider that we needed a similar SUV as what was damaged because we are a bigger family and we would not fit in the regular minivan. We asked our provider if the other party was willing to shoulder the overage since it was his fault. Thankfully, the other party agreed to pay for the difference and did not contest liability. So, for several days now, I've driven a slightly bigger vehicle. Thank goodness it has power wheels and steering or that would have been a pain to drive. LOL!

More importantly, I am thankful that no one had gotten hurt.