Did You Get Your Shot?

Can you believe that it's almost the end of October?! Whew! The past several months have just flown by.
The past couple of weeks have definitely been colder. It's been wet and foggy. It's a sure sign that summer is long gone. Hello winter!
With winter comes the flu season. I have heard a lot of objections to vaccinations lately. They're entitled to their opinions.
As for us, we've gotten our flu shots already. Having someone is the family who has healthcare industry jobs, it is really necessary that we protect ourselves. DH is very conscientious about taking a shower soon after he gets home from work to cleanse himself of any of the germs from work. Still, the risk is there. And we have to be protected.
We will also all need to get out DTaP booster shots before the baby arrives to make sure that the baby is protected. There has been an increase in whooping cough incidents here in CA. In fact, there have been infant deaths. Since the baby will be too young to get the shots, the doctors want everyone who lives with the baby immunized to protect the baby. Makes sense doesn't it?