The Healer

Parents' words have such powerful impact on the children's minds. I know this all too well. I just got a sense of how powerful it can be with DD2.

In a previous post, I related how I am dealing with gestational diabetes. My children see me prick myself everyday. Or in the case of DD1, she does not necessarily need to see me to know that a drop of blood comes out. DD2, on the other hand, is very curious. She likes to watch me. She even volunteers to wipe the blood off my finger and then throw away the test strip and bloodied tissue.

Having observed this several times, I told her than maybe she would be a good doctor when she grows up. She is interested in helping people and she isn't afraid of blood or needles. She just smiled at me in response. I did not know that it had an impact on her.

This morning, as I was preparing my stuff to test my blood sugar, I heard DD2 talking to her younger sister.
"If you want to become a doctor, you have to be brave like me. You can't be afraid of blood or needles. I'm not afraid so I'll be a good doctor said mommy. Do you want to watch and help mommy like me?"

I was surprised. A simple statement from me really made an impact on DD2.

I wouldn't be surprised if she does pursue a vocation in the medical field. After all, she is named after the guardian angel who is said to be the healer. Who knows, she just might be the one to find the cure for cancer or alzheimer's or parkinsons. Maybe in the future cures for these degenerative diseases will be as simple to get as say, cure for herpes. We'll never know. It would be awesome if my daughter would be one of those who find these cures. But whether she makes medical breakthroughs or not, I know that she will make a fine doctor. After all, she isn't afraid of needles or blood!