Why the Foul Mood?

The Lakers lost to the Celtics last night, that's why! Yes, we take the loss personally. Hmp!

I did not get to see much of the game last night as we were at DS' Cub Scout pack meeting. They have now been promoted from Bears to Webelos I. It will be the last time they will be wearing their blue uniform. Webelos start wearing the brown uniform.

One of the main achievements the Bears did this year was learning to use their pocket knives. For their final achievement, they had to carve something out of a bar of soap. DS did his best and I was satisfied to see him come up with a carving. All the carvings were laid out on display and many of the others were awesome! I don't mean to challenge one particular boy but his carved soap was a small intricate piece that I'm not sure how he did it. Seriously. Maybe he's got skills. Maybe someone else in his family carves wood to design furniture. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, today's the last day of school. And though we should be celebrating, it's gloomy and cloudy. The Lakers loss still hanging in the air. Maybe we'll celebrate this weekend instead.