My Babies No More

"I'm not a baby"
Yes, my youngest reminds me more often than I would like.
On one hand, it is a relief that she can now do things on her own. She does not rely too much on me anymore. Yet, on the other hand, I look at her and all I see is the last time I will have a little girl like this. This will be the last time I will have a toddler to enjoy, the last time to relish antics and discoveries. Even now, I pine for them already. As I put away baby clothes, I realize how big my baby has become and I am not longing for a baby to hold. Yes, I've said it ... I want a baby!
Seriously, I have been feeling this way for a while now. I think I'd still panic if it does happen but something deep down longs to hold a new baby. I miss the new baby smell, the cuddling with a newborn. Sigh.
Do you think I'm crazy? DH thinks so!