We are LeBron...

Basketball fans, you will surely find this funny! The scramble to keep (or acquire) LeBron is now on. I was actually quite surprised with how the Cavs fell this year. Of course, I was rooting for the Celtics to win, not because I did not want a LeBron-Kobe showdown but because I really did not want Shaq to have another shot at an NBA title. LOL! I just shudder at the thought of him winning a championship over the Lakers! Ugh! I know...selfish and petty me. I don't care if he's fitter now or if he's had a quick weight loss compared to previous seasons. I just don't want him winning another championship. Puh-lease!!
Back to the topic, I really was surprised that the Cavs just gave up during what became the final game of the series. With still a minute to go, there was still a chance to trim down that lead and win the game. A minute is still a lifetime in basketball especially when you've got s team loaded with talent. They simply gave up. It was obvious that they gave up. And for that, they certainly did not deserve to win!