Too Fast

My brother was here for a visit and it seemed like he was gone in a flash. The 2 weeks he spent with us on vacation flew by. The kids particularly had a lot of fun having their tito around. As a mom, it warms my heart no end to see my kids developing a relationship with my brother. And I feel pride in my heart too to see the man my brother has become. Sigh.
Why does it seem like things whizz by when you want things to slow down? But when you want something quickly, it just takes forever? Sigh.
It was really nice to have been able to spend time with him. Seems like his girlfriend now has had a very good influence on him because he's much more disciplined with what he eats. Well, that is until he arrived here and gobbled up much of his mother's home cooking! LOL! He may have to buy diet pills to lose the weight he gained in the same amount of time he racked up those pounds.
Right now, he is on the air back to Manila. When DH and DD1 came back from the airport after dropping him off, DD3 ran to the door and asked "Did Tito V come back?" She was probably hoping that he would be back.
I still hope that we can see each other more often but as I was praying, I was reminded that so far, at least one of by brothers have been able to visit us every year. That is indeed a blessing!