Project 365: April

April started off with a beautiful spring vacation at Oceanside with my aunt and uncle from Milwaukee. Then we celebrated DD1's birthday, then my dad's birthday. Those were pretty much the highlights of the past month. I was so hardpressed to find stuff to photograph the rest of the month. I was registered for the daily prompts of Picture Spring over at BPS. I loved the prompts but I was just not that committed to doing them daily. The drudgery of daily life took precedence over my creative output. I wish I had put more effort in finding the beauty in everyday. That's what I'm trying to do this month. I have not been feeling very creative lately so I think pushing myself to DO something creative will help me gain grounds on my lost creativity. A good friend had given birth to her first child last month and I wanted to make her birth announcements. I was not able to do it so I will volunteer to help her with the baptismal invitations instead. I felt really good being able to help her during the first couple of weeks of motherhood. She is almost like a younger sister to me so I do feel a kinship to her.
Anyway, that was our month. How was yours?