Lenten Sacrifice

We're well into the season of Lent, a period of 40 days of sacrifice and prayer in preparation for the Lord's resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Personally, I have chosen to give up Facebook for Lent. Yes, it's been difficult but I've resisted the temptation not to open that link to Facebook. I kinda miss not being in the loop and not knowing what are the latest news from friends and relatives. However, I've also recovered more time for reading and praying because of my time away from FB.

For our family, we've decided to pray the Stations of the Cross. I got a pack of the Stations of the Cross for children from Amazon and we're using that this Lent. We're just doing it at home. I printed pictures of the different stations and taped them up on the walls of our dining room to the family room. It's been a good experience for the kids so far. Aside from the prayers the children are learning, the stations have also been discussion starters. I've taken the questions they ask about the different stations into learning opportunities for them, stressing the point that all these happened because God loves you so. While the praying of the stations are good in themselves, I think that the discussions we have about them are even more precious. I think that the prayers in themselves are like loose diamonds for the kids. They do not necessarily see the beauty at once. As parents, we have to dig in and discover the heart of these prayers and show that to the kids so that they can appreciate them better.

How about you? What have you sacrificed for Lent? What is your family doing?