In Good Health

I had my blood drawn last week in preparation for my appointment with the doctor tomorrow. She had a gamut of tests done: to check my cholesterol levels, my blood sugar, electrolytes, CBC, etc. And I am pleased to say that everything is within normal range. Yes!
I was particularly concerned about my blood sugar levels because I did have gestational diabetes 3 times before which makes me more prone to developing full-blown diabetes. Thankfully, my body is still working the way it should. And I am committed to keeping it that way.
Right now, I am (still) working on weight loss. I have started exercising again. I have not used thermogenic fat burners yet but I've read that they can be really effective in kicking off the weight loss especially when combined with a regular exercise routine. These supplements raise the body's temperature and increase the number of calories burned.
We'll see how that goes. Ultimately, the key for me is to maintain my exercise routine.