Sightseeing Around Oahu

Sorry this next installment of our Hawaii trip took a while. I feel like I'm still playing catch up with all the household chores and kids' schoolwork.


This is Saturday, 30 January 2010.

Started the day off buying some malasadas at Leonard's Bakery. Clouds filled the sky and we wondered if we should push through with our plan to snorkel at Hanauma Bay. We decided to go anyway despite the rain that was steadily coming down now. There were not a lot of people at the bay but there were still some snorkelers there. The waters looked calm enough so we decided to snorkel. It was beautiful. This was DH's favorite outing yet.

The corals were beautiful. There were a lot of sea life too! We did not even have to go very far from shore before seeing all these colorful sea creatures. It was definitely cool! After a little over an hour of this, we went back to shore. Guess who decides to show up after we had gotten ourselves dried and dressed? Why, the sun, of course! It would have been more fun to lay out in the sun but there were other sights to visit and so little time left. Good thing that my face creams had SPF in it because the I forgot to take along sunblock.

The rest of the day was spent sightseeing and some shopping. We went to Punchbowl and Pali lookout and did some souvenir and "pasalubong" shopping at the swap meet at Aloha Stadium. The day was again packed with activities but I was just really glad to be out and about with just myself and DH. We would not have been able to go to all these places if we had the kids along with us. We would probably have gone and done only half of what we were able to do if we were traveling as a whole family. It was such a welcome change: not hearing any whining or complaining. I hope it does not take another 10 years before we are able to go out on an extended vacation again.