My evening with TV's Lost

The highlight of my Saturday in Oahu was that I was able to catch the season premiere of Lost which they showed right on Waikiki beach. I am a fan of the show so can you imagine my excitement when I learned that they were going to have a viewing of the season premiere right where we were?! And that some of the cast were going to be there?! Oh, you bet I was there. I'm usually shy about showing too much excitement over celebrities. Usually, I try to play it cool and not act so starstruck... not this time... ;)

When we arrived from our sightseeing, some of the cast members had arrived already. I was still able to catch a number of them though. I would've been able to get better photos had I been on the other side of the road. The cast was there signing autographs and posing for pics with the fans. Of course, the crowd on that side was at least 6 people deep already by the time I arrived. I had to content myself with having a front row place on the other side of the road. LOL! I still got to see the stars so that was fine.

The cast members looked as they do on the show. They're cleaned up of course but they looked casual and easygoing. Do you think they had taken on their characters for the evening? Just wondering...
Let's see...who did I see? There was Hurley, Desmond, Sayid (he would be a good endorser for hair loss shampoo with his gorgeous thick locks of hair), Richard, Sun, Locke, Kate, Jack & Sawyer.

The first hour of the season premiere was shown on a giant screen which was set up right on the beach. I did not care if I was going to get a stiff neck looking up the screen, I was going to stay and see that episode. I was not disappointed one bit!

After the screening, we were asked to fill out a survey about the episode and were given t-shirts as thank-you's. Not too shabby at all!


Jessica | Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:03:00 PM

OMGosh I love the show LOST! I used to go to block buster and get watch the DvDs but I got busy with school and missed 2 seasons worth T_T