Back from Paradise

Yes, we are back from our trip to Hawaii. It was heavenly! The 4 days we spent in Oahu was not nearly enough for the stuff we wanted to do. For those planning to vacation there, allow at least 6 days to really enjoy the island and all that it has to offer. Even though it felt really short, we still were able to do a LOT!! I don't think I can tell everything in one blog post so I'll blog about each day of our stay.

This is Thursday, Jan. 28.

We arrived at Honolulu a little before 1 pm. Got our rental car and drove to Holiday Inn in Waikiki. It was a nice hotel. It was one of the less expensive hotels, I think. It wasn't right by the beach. However, the beach was just a short walk so it was fine. Funny thing though is that on the day before we left, the hotel changed ownership so this isn't Holiday Inn anymore but Ramada Hotel. Anyway, I would definitely recommend the place. It's nothing fancy but we figured that all we really needed was a decent place to stay. We did not go to Hawaii to stay in our hotel, right?

After checking in and settling in, we walked to a nearby Thai restaurant, Singha Thai for a late late lunch/early dinner meal. Their grilled steak salad is awesome!!! It was the highlight of our meal. The entrees we ordered were good too but the salad was just way beyond my expectations!

After the sumptuous meal, we crossed the street and walked to the beach. We caught the sunset, and as it turned out, the only sunset I got to capture on camera. They weren't the best sunset pictures. I was hoping to catch more dramatic skies but we were having too much fun on succeeding nights that we didn't have the chance to lay around on the beach like we did on our first night.

After the sun had set, we continued to walk along Waikiki beach and enjoyed each other's company. We explored the beach and the streets of Waikiki. It was a beautiful way to end our day.

And that was Thursday.


donna | Wednesday, February 03, 2010 4:41:00 PM

that sky with the surfers picture is awesome!