Sisterhood of Weight Loss

Some friends and I were at a children's party one afternoon when we started talking about our weight issues. Yes, those things crop up when you're in front of baaad fried foods. Haha. We lamented that we wished we lived closer to each other so that we could find time to maybe work out together.

"Well, why don't we create our own personal online weight support system. Just the three of us."

(I cocked my head to the side and wondered what she meant)

"Aside from emailing each other, we can set a time to chat/video conference weekly so we can keep tabs on each other's successes and slip-ups. Why should I pay to join a weight support group and talk to people I don't know when we can support each other?"

Great idea, right?

So, we're starting this week. We all have the 30-day Shred by Jillian Michaels and we'll do that everyday, and "meet" on YM on Saturday morning for our weekly chats.

I think it sounds like a good plan! This is one thing that I think DH does not understand. He's been "encouraging" me to lose weight for months now that it's gotten to be a source of friction between us. To him, it's all a matter of willing oneself to do it. To me, it's a more complicated process. Obviously, I lack the self-discipline to just "will" it or I would not have gained this much weight, right? I need people to support me. I need those people to understand what I'm going through. Sadly, DH is not someone who will be able to support me in the way that I need. But gladly, I have these sisters to support me and me to support them. I doubt if this will result in any fast weight loss. That is not the goal but would be a welcome result, of course! LOL! Seriously, I hope that this will all help us manage our weight effectively and help our own families live healthfully.