Around our Home

Some random stuff heard in and around our house...

DD2: Can I have some of the Indian bread?

(It's Hawaiian bread, sweetie, but you sure can christen it and appoint a new nationality to it)


DD3: Mommy, look! The moon, it's floating!

(I love your wide-eyed declaration here, baby. It looked like something clicked inside your head and realized, OMG, the moon is floating!)


DH: If you were to choose, would you prefer a cruise or a weekend in Vegas?

(Honey, you should know me better than that! When did I ever enjoy Vegas?! On a side note, I'm seriously thrilled that he has caught on that I want to do something special for our 10th wedding anniversary in January. 10 years!! OMG! I've dropped hints now and again but was not sure if he was really paying attention. Well, looks like he's planning something. I'm excited! Honestly, I really do not mind if we go look for Toronto hotels in the dead of winter as long as we get to do something special and go somewhere new. And that rules out Vegas, definitely!)