Never-ending Quest

Several months back, I mentioned that I was planning on stating the P90x program. I had set a goal to reach my ideal weight by my birthday. Sadly, my birthday is coming up in a week and a half and I am nowhere near my ideal weight. I have not even lost any weight since I set that goal at the beginning of summer. Not that the P90x program was lacking. Not at all. I guess I was just not mentally prepared for the required hour a day to so the workouts. I liked most of the workouts, really. It pushed me to my limits. I knew my body was working overtime. I just was not able to sustain it. It's really my lack of motivation. I don't know...DH and I had a squabble about this. Instead of motivating me, I just wanted to throw it in and give up. If there were magic weight loss diet pills, I tell you, I'd be all over it. Sadly, any sustainable weigth loss has to be earned the hard way.

Right now, I'm trying Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. The 20 minutes a day it requires seem much more doable for me. I think it may be time to set a new goal...maybe reach my ideal weight before the holiday season?