Mastering Your Metabolism

I recently scored a free book from Jillian Michaels entitled "Mastering Your Metabolism." Jillian Michaels is a trainer in the NBC show, "Biggest Loser." I was intrigued by this particular book because it did not seem like the usual weight loss/diet books. I also felt that my own metabolism is kinda out of whack.
Anyway, she posits that it's all about the hormones. When all the different hormones in our body are balanced, our body works as it should. I know that there have been all sorts of theories on how to lose weight, etc. but what makes me lean towards believing this particular theory is that she is not pushing any product or supplement. She wants to help people achieve this hormonal balance by eating organic and eliminating processed foods and getting rid of household chemicals. Why buy all these supplements and weight loss products when we've got natural appetite suppressants inside our bodies?

I haven't read through the whole book yet but it's really gotten me interested in using more organic, natural products for my family.