Furthering His Career

My husband's educational journey did not travel the usual route. He was fresh out of highschool when his family migrated here in the U.S. They arrived in late September when the fall semester had already started. Accdg. to him, he got bored just staying around the house. Upon his cousin's prodding, he decided to enlist in the Air Force. After he finished his 4 years, he decided to leave the military. His family had moved back to the Philippines by then so he had to live independently. He decided to enroll in an online university to pursue his degree while he worked as a licensed vocational nurse. He passed his RN boards. We got married and had kids. A few years ago, he decided to make a slight shift in his career and enrolled in a Physician's Assistant program. He completed this post-graduate program while working part-time. In 2007, he graduated and later that year, received his board certification. If you think that the story has ended, think again. He is now seriously considering entering an Orthopedic fellowship that will last a year. He is actually thinking long and hard about this. He will have to continue to work part-time at his current employment where we get excellent medical benefits even as he is completing his fellowship. He isn't as young and energetic as he was a few years ago. He had less children then too. Whatever he decides though, I am 100% supportive.

It is really wonderful that there are so many opportunities here in the United States to finish and further one's education and career. Good universities offer online mba programs and other post-graduate courses. Western Governors University is one such institution. It is nationally and regionally accredited so you can be sure that receiving a post-graduate degree from them will reflect well in your resume. They are also committed to bringing to their students a high level of academic excellence. Once you graduate, you know that you are ready to compete in the workforce.

Tuition is also competitive compared to other reputable online universities. Compared to other institutions, WGU charges a flat rate per semester and not credit units. WGU was also honored in 2008 as a "Top 20 Military Friendly School." They offer degrees that are approved for educational benefits under the GI Bill.

It was with the help of the education benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill that DH was able to complete his programs. He has now reached the cap of his benefits so he is not eligible anymore but that stipend he received was a huge help then.

I really admire DH for his determination and persistence.