Asking for Your Help

This idea came from my friend, Leanne, to increase the awareness of this tragedy to our non-Filipino friends and co-workers. It's sad that there has hardly been any news coverage here of the flooding in Manila. In my small way, I hope that posting this will allow my non-Filipino readers the chance to help in whatever way they can. Thank you.
Some of you may have seen in the news, a strong typhoon (Typhoon Ketsana - local name: Ondoy) hit the Philippine capital of Manila dumping 13.54 inches of rain in 6 hours(average September rainfall is 15.64 inches) last weekend. Many analysts have already claimed this to be worse than Katrina, but news about the calamity has not been widespread in the international communities. There are pictures here to show you the vast destruction in Manila. I warn you though that some pictures are graphic:

Words are not enough to describe the extent of devastation and I personally know of several people who have lost everything they have worked hard for. My own family is fortunate to be safe but many are not as fortunate. Family and friends back home are actively helping out in relief operations, packing relief goods for distribution in affected communities. They have been appealing for more help as thousands of families continue to flock to evacuation centers and they’re in dire need of more supplies: rice, noodles, milk, canned goods, eggs, blankets, clothes, medicine, etc.

The best way we can help is to send monetary donations to the Philippines.
I request for your kind assistance – every donation means a lot.
For example:
$10 can buy 100 packs of instant noodles
$20 can buy a family of four food for the entire week

I know that many of us are also hurting financially. But like the widow in the Gospel who gave the 2 coins that she had, I know that God will bless whatever we are able to give, no matter how small.

How you can donate:
For USA and Canada, donations are tax deductible.

1. Ayala Foundation
Click ‘donate now’, click on credit card icon
Select Ateneo Task Force Ondoy c/o DReam Team and SLB

2. Philippine Jesuit Foundation
Send a check (Tax-deductible)
236 West 27th Street
Ninth Floor New York
New York 10001

*You will receive a written receipt in the mail

3. Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)

4. Unicef
(an anonymous donor will match all gifts donated before Oct.6)

Please continue to pray for all the victims. The task of rebuilding will be a long one. May God comfort them and give them strength. I also ask that you lift up in your prayers all those who are helping these families. May God also give them strength to continue to give of themselves. I pray that the government will answer to the call of the people and really put the nation's needs before their own political agenda.