And I'm back!

Whew! After more than a week of being offline, I am glad to be back. And it could not have come at a worse time either... there was a devastating storm that hit Manila over the last weekend. It dumped about 13 inches of rain in a 6-hour period. That's about the average rainfall for a whole month! I read that some analysts are saying it's worse than Katrina. Anyway, it is during these times that I really turn to the internet to get updates. We don't have TFC (The Filipino Channel) so we mostly rely on the internet for news. This time, though, we had to content ourselves with the 30-minute excerpts of TV Patrol that comes on our local cable channel. My brother back home also texted my dad once in a while.

My family and our house is safe. We live in higher ground so there wasn't a threat of flooding to our house. But seems like almost everyone was hit. I'm starting to hear stories from friends of their ordeal. Fortunately, no one was harmed. I've got several friends from Marikina and Antipolo whose homes were flooded but they kept dry by staying on their second floor. At first, a friend tried to keep their stuff dry by lifting them up on mounts but soon found out that waters just kept coming in and they needed to take refuge in their second floor. I'm glad that they're safe now. But the task of cleaning up is far from over. She says that there is mud all over.

I keep them in my prayers. Pls. pray for them too.