This is reality?!

There isn't much to see on summer TV here. Most of the shows I follow are on their summer hiatus. Much that we're left with are reality shows. As I was flipping through channels the other day, I chanced upon a new reality show on Bravo, "Miami Social."

I know that it has often been said that reality shows have seriously degraded the quality of shows being shown on TV. But this one has got to be at the very bottom of the pit. It felt so pretentious! Is that really reality? It feels more like a soap opera pretending to be reality. They've got these slick guys driving in their expensive cars (with lambo doors or not) and slinky women out about town. I understand that it still is a TV show. I understand that it still has to appeal to viewers. So, I understand the characters. But let's have something more interesting than this, please?

And I'm really not that picky. I find myself watching some Real Housewives episodes. But those ladies are funny and entertaining to watch. LOL!