Relaxing Massage

One of the luxuries I've missed since moving to the U.S. from Manila is the availability of affordable spa treatments. Getting a massage in Manila is so common. You have a choice of really cheap, bare basics massages to the high-end luxurious spa treatments.

Earlier today, I treated myself and my brother to a lovely foot massage at a local place that some friends of mine have recommended. For $15 + $5 tip, you can enjoy an hour-long foot massage and a back rub. It was just lovely. I wish there was more of the back massage but that's just me. The back run was really a bonus but it kinda left me feeling like I really need a full massage as I felt how tense my shoulders and back are. I'll have to do that another day.

Back to this morning's treat, the place is an Asian-run business. There is an area for facials and other treatments. There is another area for the massages. They actually have different packages but we only came for the cheapest. LOL! There are separate rooms for the back rubs but for the foot massage, it was a common room. The room was sparsely furnished with leather recliners and ottomans. I was kinda pleased actually because I was expecting something a little cheesier or cheap. LOL! Like maybe stuff that look like outdoor furniture or something. Hey, you don't pay $15 for ambience now, do you?

Our feet were first soaked in hot liquid that I think was tea. During the foot massage, the 2 masseuses were chatting non-stop. That could have irritated the heck of other people but I'm used to tuning out noises so their voices just blended in with the soothing music that was playing. I guess my brother and I both just tuned out because we both fell asleep.

It was such a nice treat for me. And I don't treat myself to these things very often. It was so relaxing in fact that when we got home, I fell into a full-blown hour and a half long nap. Ahhhh...

I wanna do that again... and for about $20, I just might!