No More Baby in the house

I have come to accept that we sadly do not have a baby in the house anymore. Sigh. Does this mark the end of this phase in our family? Maybe so. But I still cannot get over the fact that my "baby" is growing up. Sigh. again.

She's almost potty-trained. She's speaks in sentences, even if sometimes unintelligible to untrained ears. She articulates her needs and dislikes quite well. We can actually carry on a conversation with her.

The other day, I found that someone had played with the toilet paper in our toilet. I gruffly asked, "Who did this?" She comes running to me and honestly says, "I did, Mom. Sorry Mom." Sigh. again and again. She's now even owning up to her messes! LOL!

I look at all my kids and see how they're just growing so quickly. I want to keep them all young but sadly that is not how life works. My eldest will soon be 9 yo. I bet that before we know it, we'll need to look for auto insurance quotes because we'll have a teenage driver in the house. I may be jumping too far ahead here but seriously he will be in highschool in 5 years! Yikes!

Thought for the day: Enjoy the kids. Be in the moment. Relish each day.