It's A Go!!!

Woohoo! Our mini-vacation to Bryce Canyon is a definite go! God is sooo good indeed.

I spoke with friends yesterday and they suggested that in case DH could not come with us that the girls and I ride with 1 family and DS and my bro ride with another family. I was so relieved to have this option because it took away the pressure from me to drive. We continued to pray that DH will still be able to take the trip with us.

I asked DH last night and he said that there was still no one to swap shifts with. This morning, he called and said that he will be able to come with us but he has to work tomorrow. This means that we can only leave after he comes home from work at about 8 pm. I'm a little worried that the fatigue could take its toll on him. Knowing him though, he'll insist on driving no matter what.

I'm really looking forward to this trip. It is going to be a nice get-away and bonding time with brothers and sisters in Christ. I've done my food shopping this morning, although there really isn't that much food to bring. It's just a weekend trip after all. We still want to minimize our expenses so instead of eating out, we'll be cooking inside our suites. It's fully furnished anyway with all the basic needs of a kitchen - pots & pans, plates, utensils, plus fridge and oven.

We're planning to have a picnic lunch at Bryce Canyon so I bought ham/bacon and croissants for sandwiches. Water and juices are all set. I'm charging my camera's batteries now to be sure that I'll be able to take loads of pics. Woohoo!

Pls. pray for a safe trip for us - and that this would really be a nice refreshing trip for the family.