Countdown is on...

DS has his first day of 3rd grade today and me and the girls are counting down to our own first day of homeschool. We start on Monday.

Personally, I feel both anxious and excited about this. Yesterday, I started to feel overwhelmed as I started to put together our daily/weekly schedules. I am happy to say that I was able to focus and make a tentative sked. I say "tentative" because I am sure that this will change as we go along. It will be nice though to start with some sort of guide schedule.

Right now, I'm working on the details of our lesson plans. We are registered with Kolbe Academy and they have sent me the Kindergarten curricula and weekly lesson plans per subject. I am writing out the details on my own notebook planner so I can see at a glance everything that we have to do in a week, integrating both the K and Pre-K lessons for DD1 and DD2. I am actually having fun doing this right now as it brings me back to my teaching days.

I've also designated DS' room as my new work area. It has actually been my "work area" ever since my laptop needed repair which was way back at the start of summer. DS has our old office furniture and the old PC which I am now using temporarily (I hope). DH put up book shelves in here too that I am using to house our homeschool books and supplies. I have yet to decide where to officially "school" the girls. We do not have a spare room so it will have to be either DS' room (while he is in school) or the dining table. I am honestly leaning towards working in the dining table. The good thing about all this is we can adapt as we go along and see what will work best for our needs.

I will probably be back on Monday and tell you all about our first day. Exciting times ahead!!!