Yummy Chow at Yang Chow

You may notice that I am now blogging about the specifics of our "staycation". If you want the summarized version, you can scroll on down and read my summary.

We had a late lunch at Yang Chow in Chinatown in Los Angeles on Day 1. This restaurant came highly recommended by my good friend T and I 100% trust her palate! And we were not disappointed at all!

Pictured here is the slippery shrimp which is an absolute must-have. It is crunchy with a citrusy kind of sauce. There is a slight tinge of heat which is bearable but gives the dish a kick.

I also enjoyed the lamb with scallions. The thin slices of lamb was super tender. It was just really delicious.

Other dishes we ordered were Yang Chow fried rice (good!), Fish fillet with black bean sauce ( DH found it a bit salty but I liked it!), Hot spicy bean curd (we ordered it not spicy so the kids could have some but I think I would've enjoyed it more had it been spicy), Baby green cabbage with black mushrooms (a simple veggie dish that you would expect from a chinese resto).

I think it's a good thing that this place is quite a ways. If it were nearer and we frequented it more often, I would definitely need weight loss supplements because there is no doubt that I would be eating a lot of their food!! I read that there are other branches too but this one in chinatown is said to be the best.

My friend, T has some more dishes she recommends. I guess that means that we will have to come back at another time to try her other suggestions. Hmmm... who wants to come visit us so we have a reason to stuff ourselves again? LOL!