SIL has been injured the past 2 weeks. She had been training for a hike to Mt. Whitney which she is scheduled to climb sometime in September. She had been working hard in the gym, even exercising on the stairclimber while carrying a packed backpack - trying to simulate hiking conditions. She must've overdone it because she seems to have pinched a nerve or something. From what I understand, she is unable to fully extend her arms upward. And she experiences some tingling sensations radiating from her back to her shoulder to her arm. DH has advised her to get an MRI to see the full extent of her injury. I truly wish her well. She is such an active individual and I hope that this injury does not do any lasting damage on her body. If she had injured this at work or at an accident, she could definitely hire like a Morristown personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, this seems to be her own doing. At least she's got insurance to cover some of the costs. Otherwise, it could definitely have been worse!


Anonymous | Wednesday, July 22, 2009 9:30:00 AM

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